Interview with Thomas W. Malone: Collective Intelligence, Privacy and Small Towns

In the newest issue of my video-podcast MIT Professor Thomas W. Malone talks about his reasearch on collective intelligence and the changing notion of privacy. Professor Malone is the founding director of MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence. In 2004, he published The Future of Work, a critically acclaimed book about the impact of electronic communication on management, organizations and business. Before he started teaching at MIT, Mr. Malone was a research scientist at the legendary Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. So enjoy the podcast which contains a short introduction, the interview plus two exlusive bonus tracks :pimp:

About the interview: A1 Telekom invited Thomas Malone to Vienna. Last Wednesday, I joined a table talk with Austrian blogger colleagues. I did the interview after our discussions – thanks for the great talk! Chatting with a fellow optimist was very nice for a change (since these days everybody predicts a new age of doom that social media will inflict upon us). I hope you enjoyed the video, and as always: opinions and comments are highly appreciated!

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  1. Pauline
    Pauline says:

    great video, interesting information. I think this really is an impressive interview, Professor Thomas W. Malone with his book I think is a great useful information necessary for the reader. thanks for sharing us this video, I hope you continue to provide much more.thanks


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