TEDx Pannonia - New Energy

TEDx Pannonia Videos: get inspired!

This year, Austria's first TEDx (an independently organized TED conference) took place in Burgenland, the part of Austria closes to Hungary. The landscape here gives a foretaste of the Puszta lowlands, and all us attendants enjoyed a great day filled with many inspiring talks. The Dream Academia boys have organized the conference and now they've done a great job with the videos: all the talks are online, video and audio quality are excellent: TEDx Pannonia: The Talks

TEDx Pannonia - New Energy

I teach at the university (department of science and communication), and when I explain the basic concepts of social media to my students, I use the tools we're discussing as our collaboration platforms. (The new Facebook groups are a great improvement for this kind of usage!) So naturally, I'm very interested in the experiences of other teachers, so I was listening very closely, when Peter Purgathofer (Technical University of Vienna) explained how he uses social media tools in his lectures. If you're still not convinced about the potential of online collaboration tools, watch this video. One can always argue about theories, but Peter Purgathofers results speak for themselves:


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