Pictures from Barcamp Vienna

Last weekend #bcv08 took place at HP headquarters in Vienna. The weekend was incredibly intense, special kudos go out to all the guys from Bratislava who came to join us. We're thinking about a bi-city barcamp, a (really slow) ship might make a great location. The two cities are so close, it's time to start connecting!


Shout outs and thanks go to Dieter Zirnig, Max Kossatz and Michaela Amort who organised this year's biggest Austrian barcamp: more than 180 “unique visitors” held speeches, presented their projects and took part in vivid discussions. The various sessions are listet on and there are also videos available, most of the presentations were held in German though.

Together with a couple of other Austrian online-entrepreneurs I did an open discussion on the topic making money in web 2.0 / making money with web 2.0 consulting. For me it was a startling, entertaining and interesting hour, and could not stress my point enough: to be succesful in the blogosphere doesn't require special skills or years of training. What it does require though is hard work and – first and foremost – dedication and continouos effort. Even or especially when you're not in the mood. And the only path to blogging success I know is chosing a topic that you're passionate about. Not just into, there's gotta be passion: otherwise chances are very low that you'll be able keep up the good work long enough. And that would be years, not months.

Thanks again to everybody involved, I just finished sorting my fotos and answering facebook requests and I'm already looking forward to the next barcamp. Stephan Kuzmanov has taken a very nice 360 degree panoramic shot of all the bcv08 participants.

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