Twestival Vienna: The Movie

twestival Vienna videoDan aka @MountainDan aka The next Stephen Spielberg uploaded his video about Twestival Wien to Vimeo – expect some pure HD Goodness! Very smooth job – and I'm not just saying that because Dan interviews me as well :mrgreen: I cannot help the feeling that we just recently became aware of the tip of the iceberg called micro-blogging. And the fact that it's possible to organize such an event in a couple of days and to raise almost 500 Euros demonstrates that – as opposed to what culture critics don't get tired of repeating since the age of print media – the power of media can be used for good!

Partying with thousands of folks in various cities at the same time is great fun indeed – and the video streaming really dazzled me: while 5 to 10 years ago such streamed events that virtually brought together various groups of people in venues all over there world were part of the art-domain. Nothing artsy about that any more: everybody can do it these days. Seems to me like the net is closing the gap between avantgarde and mainstream much faster than any other media.

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