Kia’s new Ceeed Spot proves nothing

I just the new ad for Kia's Ceee'd on TV (yes, media must be consumed while eating, too.) I don't know anything about Korean car building skills, but one thing is for sure: these guys don't know much about time travelling. Watch the spot:


So tell me: why should a car (or a Terminator or a banana) age during time-travelling for the exact amount of time he or she or it is travelling into the future? (Or get young if travelling backwards into the past.) Every science fiction fan knows by heart that the traveler or the travelling objects stays immersed in its own time, i.e.: the car ages the few seconds that it takes to undertake the actual journey. If things were different, how could H.G. Wells' nosy scientist ever have travelled 1000s of years into the future to meet the Morlocks? If Kia was right, Perry Rhodan and his immortal friends were the only people able to time-travel greater distances…

The opposite is true for the engineers avidly watching over the experiment: they indeed have aged seven years (and I don't assume they have stayed in the research room all this time). In other words: this spot proves nothing! Except that the Koreans built a completely worthless time machine.

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