Ride the virtual Volkswagen!

When I played my first computer games, screens were generally mono-chromatic. Looking at the small pixel-heaps which were supposed to look like cars (one needed a whole lot of imagination back then!) for too long made one's head ache, but despite all the limitations, virtual racing was definitely fun. Back then I wouldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams that current F1-simulations are looking more and more like the real thing – and by now even online technologies are offering an nice simulation experience, which VW embraces to fuel up the buzz for the launch of the new Golf GTI.


But instead of racing a full-scale car, the GTI project website puts a mini-you in the driver's seat of a Scalextric track car. While instructing the user about the features of the upcoming car (UK start: may 22nd), there is no danger involved – and no need to steer. The trick lies in careful acceleration, and a little practice might actually pay off: fast racers enter the prize draw and stand the chance of winning a 3-months-testdrive.

While the game is fun to play and easy to understand, the numbers behind is quite impressive: 60 modelers built the track which features over 200 scale buildings and occupies a space of 25 by 30 feet. It would take quite a while to set up this monster of a miniature speedway in your own living room :mrgreen: I especially like the cut scenes which are place in case you drive too fast and get off the track: a friendly engineer is putting the flipped-over car back on track.

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  1. CheapCar
    CheapCar says:

    Katja, Flatout 2 is awesome. This game is themed more on the street racing/import tuner scene than its predecessor. The game has three car classes: derby, race and street.


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