Welcome to the new server!

My old rootserver has done a great during the last two years, but since more and more visitors are interested in my ramblings, it was time for an upgrade :mrgreen: I rented an Intel Quadcore with 8 Gigs of RAM at Hetzner (a relatively cheap and very reliable German provider) – this should do for the next couple of month!

During the last weeks there were a couple of downtimes due to server-overload – things should work fine again now. Thanks a lot to Gerald who helped me with setting up the new Apaches – and thanks to you, dear readers, for your growing interest. I'll keep my postings interesting and as always: feedback is highly appreciated!

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  1. Techengage
    Techengage says:

    replying to ads : shared hosting is very limited . They allow arround 2k Unique visitors each day, plus if the site owner hits a major news brakethrough, the hosting will shut him down due to use of resources.
    A private dedicated server give you more power over your hosted content.

    • ritchie
      ritchie says:

      A lot more control! Shared Hosting is nice for small project as you don’t have to deal with the overhead, but if you want to assure scalability, dedicated servers or cloud hosting (which is currently a lot more expensive) are the only remaining options.


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