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Just before I took off to Andalusia I got mail from Mihaela, asking if I wanted to attend the World Blogging Forum 2009 in Romania as a VIP guest. Yes of course! Flight and hotel room are already booked and I'm looking forward to a conference a lot! The guest- and speaker-list contains a lot of popular bloggers who I'm glad to meet face to face, plus it's the first time I'm going to visit Bucharest. The organizers have invited the most successful bloggers from 30 countries to Romania to discuss the “ideas for a better digital world”:

The most influential bloggers in the world: The event brings together some of the most influential persons in the online media all around the world, in conferences and workshops aiming to establish clear parameters of the development of the online media.

World Blogging Forum 2009

Of course this invitation offers me a great chance to visit Bucharest for the first time – the organizers are not only covering all the cost, but they've put together a highly interesting sightseeing program. I'm also very curious about the location: we will discuss the future of blogging in the history-charged walls of the Romanian parliament building. Topics include a wide range from “blogs and citizen journalism” to “new media and renewable energy”. Naturally, I feel most inclined to these three panels:

  1. How to Monetize Your Online Media
  2. The future for blogging ? what's next?
  3. Business and Corporate Blogging

A-List bloggers from 30 countries

Meet me at the WBF!The list of bloggers and speakers is constantly updated. There's gonna be quite a mixed crowd: founders, activists, consultants, journalists and general experts in the field of web affairs will discuss digital issues, and the all do have one thing in common: a love affair with WordPress and co. The list currently includes (but is not limited to) the following web personae:

Lo?c Le Meur from USA: the founder of is one of the web world's best-known experts. Business Week recently voted him one of the “25 most influential people on the Web”

Ramon Stoppelenburg from the Netherlands: Ramon and I don't just share the same year of birth. The mastermind behind also started his online publishing career in 1998 and was voted “Internet Personality of the Year 2001” by British Sunday Times for his web-driven journeys all over the world:

Over 3,577 people from 72 countries invited him over and from 2001 to 2003 he travelled through 18 countries in total, varying from Norway to South Africa and from Australia to Canada. In return for the offered hospitality he received, he wrote extensive daily reports about his whereabouts, his hosts, their life and the culture of the country he was visiting.

Jakub G?rnicki from Poland: Jakub is responsible for corporate development at and evangelizes the Polish presentation-software start-up – Jakub didn't have to convince me though, I've been using Prezi for over a year and me and my audiences still love the tool :mrgreen:

These good folks are just a select few – Dvorit Shargal, community manager and editor from Israel, Andrea Vascellari, digital strategist from Finland, Erkan Saka, social media researcher from Turkey, Emin Huseynzade, Barcamp-organizer from Azerbaijan, Wael Abbas, human rights activist from Egypt many more fabulous guests from the international blogosphere will participate in the World Blogging Forum 2009. I'm not the only participant with an Austrian passport btw: Helge is also on board.

For me personally, the event is a perfect motivation to leverage my English blog – after all, international dialogue is one of the most fascinating facets of this ol? blogging biz.

Participate and/or sponsor the WBF

WBF logoThe event is financed via sponsoring partners (including the Romanian government – thx, guys!). But with this illustrious round table sponsoring and advertising as well as sending staff to attend the conference should be very interesting for many brands and corporations (This is a “required course” for any social media officer!). Take a look at the sponsorship details – or if you consider travelling to Bucharest, check out the registratoin pages. Different rates apply: corporate passes cost ?500 each while private visitors pay ?300 and bloggers / “media folk” can apply for a free ride.

I'll post live updates from the Romania – meanwhile, follow @wbfromania and keep up to date about the future of blogging. Gotta say this again: thanks a lot for the invitation, I'll do my best, worst or whatever required to make us all have a couple of unforgettable days!

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