Video: Bucharest in your pocket

Matthias L?fkens uploaded the first video he did during the world blog forum in Bucharest – this one might give you a slight impression about the traffic in Romania's capital – and also about the dangerous days of Romania's liberation from the infamous Ceausescu regime:


Matthias is SMO (Social Media Officer) at the World Economic forum in Davos. We met at the World Blogging Forum in Bucharest – and we had a lot to talk about. On Twitter, the WBF has over 1.5 million followers – so Matthias obviously did a pretty good job! I hope to see him again soon and I'd love to have him as a guest speaker at a web event in Vienna… let's see: maybe we can work something out :mrgreen:

Btw: Matthias got some more videos in the queue – he recorded a lot of footage on our guided tour through the Palace of Parliament, so stay tuned.

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  1. Glacial Slurs
    Glacial Slurs says:

    Nice video – and I’m quite glad that our university is a safer place. Or is it :evil:
    Looking forward to more videos, great job Matthias.

  2. Andrei Pintica
    Andrei Pintica says:

    Now, we have a debate and an event on “1989 – 2009” for nothing. Foreign Policy magazine also came to our country and dealing with the topic. I think that at that time the country took it pretty bad.


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