New Job Title: I’m a Digital Renaissance Man

Effective immediately: I hereby declare that I'm a Social Media Consultant no longer. When every other script kiddie started to call themselves a SEO Expert, I switched my job description. But nowadays our web 2.0 is full of Social Media Consultants – and some of them send me questions like “How can I publish a trackback?” or “What's the difference between a Facebook page and a group”? I wonder what kind of “consulting” their customers get… And this is why I switch again: from this day on, I'm a Digital Renaissance Man.

Btw: in German, this title translates to Digital Universalgelehrter. Plus: it's about time to give DRM a completely new meaning!

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    • Ritchie Blogfried Pettauer
      Ritchie Blogfried Pettauer says:

      Hi Florin, no, I’m definitely not joking! Of course the name stems from the said era; but what it really means in English is “Universalgelehrter”; a person who is well-rounded in various fields.

      Of course there is a humorous notion to the term, but I will definitely use it as my job title: while I’m sure that it’s not possible to be the kind of “Universalgelehrter” of Renaissance times (i.e. knowing all scientific fields in-depth; our knwodledge has grown immensly), I’m also positive that successfull online business requires a combination of SEO, social media and many other factors; thus the Digital Renaissance Man.


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