Videocamp Vienna 2010 Pictures

Thanks and shout-outs to all sponsors, visitors, talkers and hosts at Videocamp Vienna 2010! Organizing the event together with Austrian television station ATV and Datenwerk was a great experience – and we're all very satisfied with the premiere of Austria's first online video barcamp. Knowledge was transferred, experiences were shared, a lot of visitors had to update their “met in real life” Twitter list – just the way we like it. I'm already looking forward to Videocamp Vienna 2010!

All sessions are available on two zaplive channels (big and small hall), but behold: all the presentations were held in German ;-)

Videocamp Vienna: Sessions 1
Videocamp Vienna: Sessions 2

I'm going to watch the sessions I missed – I think every single visitor interested in digital video production and distribution learned *a lot* yesterday. Time to start spielberg'ing with my new EOS 7D – for now, I've only used it to capture still images.

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