Quiz Result: I’m a Twitter bad ass!

Not that wasn't aware of this, but now it's official: I'm Twitter bad ass, says SEM-Group.net's Which type of Twitter user are you? quiz I found via SEOSmarty:

Learn Which Type of Twitter User You Are

datadirt's Result: Twitter Bad Ass
You Tweet like a bluejay on crack! You spend hours upon hours each day/week
finding quality content and relevant news to tweet to your followers. You have a reputation for tweeting quality content and along with this comes a small cult
following that thanks you. Excellent job you “Twitter bad ass”!

Twitter bad ass

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These kinds of classifications are fine with me as long as I'm not a Twitter sissy :mrt: Plus I fully agree with Gerald's view on “Twitter ethics”:

Various people have different opinions on how Twitter should be used. To my mind, it is up to everyone. I am not a big fan of Twitter ethics: if you don't like someone, just don't follow him!
That being said, everyone has the right to use Twitter the way he wants. Would you like to know which group of Twitter users you fall into?

What's your opinion? Are you up for stricter twitter jurisdiction or do you generally prefer the idea of self-responsibility?

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