Foursquare rum

The perfect Social Media Rum: Foursquare

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found the perfect drink for tweet-ups and all kinds of social media gatherings: Foursquare spiced rum is way older than geo-location. The golden-brownish spirit is distilled in Barbados:

Foursquare rum

And this Foursquare is a lot older than the first GPS chip:

Foursquare is the name of the oldest sugar plantation (1636) in Barbados. It is home to the most advanced Rum Distillery in the world. Foursquare spiced rum is a combination of rare island spices and specialty aged rum blended in accordance with a centuries old secret formula known only to generations of the Seale family.

I couldn?t find a homepage of the distillery, but MinistryofRum had some details:

The Foursquare distillery is built on the site of the Foursquare sugar factory which was closed for many years before Richard Seale bought the estate and installed state of the art distilling equipment. A number of innovations are incorporated into the design in an effort reduce the environment impact of the spirits distilled here.

Sounds pretty sustainable ? and it actually is. The distillery includes a carbon-dioxide filter, a vacuum distiller which saves a ton of energy and many other environment-friendly gadgets. I guess our friends from Cuba and Guatemala would not agree though that it?s the ?most advanced distillery? ? there?s nothing like the traditional ?systema solera?, a complex re-casking-process involving various types of barrels.

Even though I?m generally not a huge fan of spiced rums, I do like the Foursquare mixture: it tastes nothing like the heavily spiced Captain Morgan, the various flavors keep in the background. Mr. Seale adds no sugar to the 37?-proof mixture and achieves a convincing result: Foursquare got the silver and bronze medal at the rum-fest 2001 and 2002 (category: spiced and flavored rums). Using herbs and fruit extracts is an interesting way to add complexity in taste ? which usually requires much more time ? of course, Foursquare is not comparable to a 20 year old Malteco, but considering the name I had to give it try. Plus I really like the wax-sealed bottle cap with the embedded release line (that's HTML5, right?) Try a shot at the next Barcamp in Vienna :frog:

Foursquare rum from Barbados
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