Who’s gonna manage our digital identity?

Scotty, get those phazers ready – the battle for digital identity management is about to begin. The Google Klingons have yet not been able to successfully launch their not-so-secret weapon OpenSocial, while the Federation's OpenId primarily seems to appeal to nerds.

But hey, behold: the times they are-a-changing: just a couple of days ago myspace announced the introduction of Data Availability, which is basically an interface allowing myspace users to share their profile data with third party websites like Twitter, Photobucket and the like.

Just two days after the information became public, Facebook started talking about Facebook Connect, a perfectly similar system – Techcrunch has more. Both interfaces will be publicly available for any interested partners in a couple of weeks and both will fight Google and OpenId for supremacy over digital id management – and the battle is set up to be very interesting to watch.

Basic setup is done

Dear readers, I warmly welcome you :mrgreen: The most important adaptions have been made, I might have overlooked one or two German words here and there… but over the next couple of weeks the “beta launchphase” is about to end and all the empty pages – or at least most of them – will be so crowded with king content, there won't be any space for critical remarks.

But seriously: for now, just let me point you to an interview I did with media art professor Karel Dudesek – but beware, it's available in German only.