Geeky Folks: Barcamp Vienna Gallery

Last weekend Austrian geeks met at Microsoft headquarters in Vienna to do some serious unconferencing. Barcamp 2010 was the biggest Austrian barcamp yet and the feedback was simply amazing – here are some pictures.

Interview with Thomas W. Malone: Collective Intelligence, Privacy and Small Towns

Thomas W. Malone, founding director of MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence, talks about his research, the impact of the internet on global communication and our changing notion of privacy.

Concerned about your Facebook privacy?

Many Facebook users are afraid of sharing information with people they don't know without even realizing it. This tools might come in handy.

Quiz Result: I'm a Twitter bad ass!

Check out Gerald's quiz and find out your Twitter type. Thanks for this little distraction.

Foursquare rum

The perfect Social Media Rum: Foursquare

datadirt proudly presents: the perfect Barcamp drink. Even though Foursquare rum has nothing to do with the popular geo-location service, it's still a great drink.

Will the iPad blend?

We all knew it: the iPad wouldn't be able to escape Blendtec's hardcore test. The answer is: yes, it does blend. And here's the video.

WordPress 3.0: No more JPEG Support

WordPress 3.0 comes with a suprise: no more JPEG support due to high license cost, but luckily SVG will replace the legacy format.

Windows Phone E-Mail Preview

Microsoft released a couple of preview videos for the Silverlight-based Windows Phone. It will hit the shelf later this year – but geeks won't dig a smartphone that doesn't do multi-tasking.

Apple iStore limits: How Pixelpipe got kicked

Not push iStore limits! Pixelpipe's popular app got kicked because the program scans the users photos to enable a multiple selection. Will a changing marketplace force apple into a less restrictive business model?

Paper Towel Gang: Bounty Viral

Can a paper towel hold 11 pool balls? This might not be a relevant questions, but it sure makes a funny clip.

Pictures: Las Vegas Overview

Yesterday I arrivaed at Las Vegas – and today it's about time for a walk on the strip at daylight. This morning I took some shots from my hotel room, locaed in the 33rd floor of Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Looking forward to MIXing in Las Vegas

Next Saturday I'm flying to Las Vegas – Microsoft invited me to attend the Mix 2010 conference. Looking forward – of course, I'll keep you updated via my blog and Twitter.

Gallery: Media History at the Technical Museum of Vienna

Last weekend I visited the Medienwelten exhibition at TMW – a fascinating trip from the early stages of mass media to the current internet days. Highly recommended!

When Content Partnerships smell funny

Not all content partners are equal. But some are more obnoxious than others.

How to turn WordPress into a Social Network Site

WordPress is just getting better and better: 2 new plugins implement social networking features. So finally, every registered user can write status updates and gets their own profile page. In this posting I discuss the advantages of social media features for niche blogs and explain how to install either BP or Mingle.

The common house cat

A house cat in its natural habitat.

Musicblogocide 2010: Google shuts 'em down

It's a shame – Google in the copyright game. At least 6 very popular blogspot-hosted music weblogs have been shut down: they call it musicblogocide 2010.