How to impress a French girl

Google's European director Steve Rogers is all about openness and transparency. He just dooesn't like to comment on stuff – you have to understand!

Videocamp Vienna 2010 Pictures

Videocamp Vienna was a *huge* success – thanks to everybody who was involved in makting this a great day! All the session are publicly available via – what else – online video. Check out my picture gallery!

No bright future for Google Wave?

Silicon Alley Insiders reports a drastic decrease in Google Wave usage – is it just a temporary failure or does nobody actually need Google's new service?

It can't be that easy: Will Smith on success

Will Smith may not be the greatest rapper in the world, but he sure has got some interesting views to share on success and ethics.

Stoni Mountains: HiKE – A Freeride Project in the Austrian Alps

Martin Stoni's freeride movie is now available in HD and full length online – enjoy the powder rides!

Video Camp Vienna 2010: Moving online pictures

On January 30th 2010, Vienna's first VideoCamp ever will take place at Media Quarter St. Marx. Join the geek movement and be part of a day full of intense discussions and new input.

New Job Title: I'm a Digital Renaissance Man

I'm a social media consultant no more. From now on, call me Digital Renaissance Man.

Reminds me of the old rave days

Worship this break, drumandbass soldier! Gospel revelations and heavy basslines just go together too well.

WordPress 2.9.1 – Minor Updates, Simple Tags Hack

WordPress 2.9.1 fixes a couple of scheduling issues – plus there's a hack for making Simple Tags work with WordPress 2.9.1

Happy New Year!

Happy New year – have a great start into 2010!

When legends meet: Mario fights Pacman

If Supermario fought Pacman to the death, who would win? This hand-drawn video answers the questions once and for all! + =

An RSS feed in the aggregator is worth two in the bush we usually refer to as the web 2.0 – that's why I, ladies and gents, proudly give you the latest and greatest in hype-intruding technologies: enter!

datadirt Geek Supplies: Background-Template for formspring

formspring is the name of the latest q+a game in social media: think twitter, but without the 140-char-limit. is all about qeustions and answers and everybody just seems to love it, so I put together a background template for your branding pleasure.

Synchronizing online marketing efforts

Authenticity is a key success factor of social media marketing – and it requires synchronizing different projects, even if that means that the guys from the PR department have to talk to the marketeers.

News on FastBlogFinder: Version 3.0 available next week

Fast Blogfinder makes link-building easy by helping webmaster find related nofollow blog postings – version 3.0 features an improved recognition engine.