Interview: Loc Le Meur on Seesmic and Twitter

During our bus-ride to the World Blogging Forum I asked Seesmic-founder Loic Le Meur a couple of questions about his companies and about the future of Twitter. Enjoy the latest datadirt video-podcast!

Dear Mr. datadirt, we're doing research

What about all this social media hype? Journalism students from the university of Utrecht are trying to find out – they send a questionnaire to various social media experts. Finding answers wasn't too easy by the way.

Video: Bucharest in your pocket

Matthias Lfkens, Social Media Officer with the World Economic Forum in Davos, uploaded the first of his Bucharest-clips.

You want peace, Hippies? Go online!

Wired Italy believes that the fundamental changes triggered by the internet deserve a prize – the next Peace Nobel prize, to be precise. The campaign internet for peace started today – please help us spread the word!

Book Reviews: Pynchon, Whuffies, Fat Food

This is all about the paper: three book recommendations coming up, as I've recently finished reading The Whuffie Factor, Inherent Vice and This is why you're fat.

WBF2009 Day 2: The future of blogging

My up-shot of the second day of World Blogging Forum 2009 – including a lot of personal opinion plus a couple of pics and videos.

When houses go to bed

Mish has got some pictures of a totally different kind of Chinese real estate crash. And a pretty non-metaphorical one it is.

WBF2009 Day 1: Blogs, Citizen Journalism and E-Democracy

The main topics of day one were political activism, citizen journalism and civil society – the sessions were extremely intense and enthralling – here's a short summary of the keynotes.

World Blogging Forum 2009 – The Opening

Ladies and Gentlement, the World Blogging Forum 2009 has just started!

WBF09 – The arrival

Today I arrived at Bucharest for the World Blogging Forum 2009.

Andalusia in HDR-colors part 4

The fourth part of my Andalusian HDR images features Tarifa and El Palmar – of of course the Costa de la Luz.

3 more Google Wave Invitation – who wants one?

Want to try Google's new collaboration platform? I have six invitations left and I'm giving away three on my German and English blogs.

How to convert and upload PDF-files to the Amazon Kindle for free

The Kindle 2 offers great reading hardware – but it's impossible to upload pdf files to the devices. But luckily, there's a a free conversion software which allows you to read your pdf-ebooks on your Kindle.

Andalusian Images part 3

Gibraltar rocks – the gibbons on top of the rock, the view to Africa. The third series of my Andalusian HDR pics features about 20 photos I took when we visited Gibraltar in October 2009.

Invitation to the World Blogging Forum in Bucharest

I've been invited to join the World Blogging Forum 2009 in Bucharest as a VIP guest – and I'm really looking forward to meeting incredible web geeks from 30 countries. Heading for Romania next week and of course I'll report about the event, here's a short preview of the guest list and the topics.