Andalusia in HDR-colors part 4

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The fourth and last part of my HDR-pics from Andalusia will surely help me to get through the rough Austrian winter – I really don't like low temperatures, and the weather in El Palmar and Tarifa was great in October. Both places are highly acclaimed surf-spots, as the Atlantic Ocean offers many high waves and there's always plenty, sometimes too much wind – unfortunately, the “too much” prevented us from taking the whale-watching boat tour. This is the final part of the series, but I got one more gallery of standard-photos coming up plus a special: soon I will post a selection of HDR in various resolutions as ready-to-use desktop backgrounds, so stay tuned. Feedback is always highly appreciated! More photos:

HDR-photos: Andalusian colors, part 1
HDR pics from Andalusia, part 2
Andalusia in HDR, part 3: Gibraltar


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HDR pics from Andalusia, part 2

I've just uploaded the second set of Andalusian HDRs which I took during my holiday in October (which was over far too soon btw). The first series of photos is available hier. I used my Canon EOS 40D with a 28-135 lense (the new Sigma 10-20 3,5 was added to my equipment later when we drove to Gibralatar :mrgreen:) and Photomatix to process the HDRs. This series contains a couple of beach-shots from Costa de la Luz (near Cohnil) as well as a some view of Vejer de la Frontera, a small village on top of hill. If you visit Vejer, don't miss restaurant Trafalgar – especiall their Ceviche (tuna-carpaccia marinated in lime juice) is just awesome.

Vejer de la Frontera

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HDR-photos: Andalusian colors

I just returned from Andalusia yesterday – the climatic shock was quite heavy: from the sunny skies of wonderful Spain straight to clouded, rainy Vienna. So I chose visual escapism and edited the first series of my HDR-pics from Andalusia. During the last 11 days Linzerschnitte and me travelled through the province of Andalusia, from famous Sherry-distilleries in Jerez via the beautiful white Cadiz to British Gibraltar. Plus we stayed in Sevilla for a couple of days, tasting Tapas and envying the Spanish folks for their siesta. I'll post a couple of travellingtips and more photos later – here's the first series, comments highly appreciated (as always :mrgreen:)


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