WordPress 3.0: No more JPEG Support

Beware, April Fool!

Of course WordPress will continue to “support” the JPEG format; after all, image rendering is the browser's job, the CMS is not involved when it comes to the actual rendering of images. This is my first April fool on my English blog. :saint: I've been doing this for a while on my German blog datenschmutz. Have you spotted any april fool postings on your favorite blogs? Please leave a comment, I'm curious!

Last Week Matt Mullenweg announced on his blog, that the upcoming WordPress 3.0 version drop the support for the JPEG file format. Increasing license costs and Microsoft's announcement to include SVG support in Internet Explorer 9 were the main reasons for this decision:

With the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 there is no more need for jpg – Microsoft finally embraces the SVG standard, thus helping to make the web a much more open place. JPEG does have some advantages, but they are simply out-weighed by the license costs.

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New hardware: Ultimate Quadcore blogging power

QuadcoreYup, I did it: just bought ridiculously expensive new hardware. 4 Gigs of fast Ram, a quadcore, 1 TB harddisk memory… I bought all the parts at noon an assembled them today, currently I'm installing the OS and everthing is working fine. Turning so many crews was actually a lot of fun, I haven't done this in a while. At first I actually wanted to by a ready-to-run system, but including personal configuration I would have had to wait a week. The craving for new hardware simply was way to strong, so I took the old-fashioned road:

Quadcore Rechner

Since my computer is on most of the time, silent hardware is very important to me, which means: silent cases for all harddisk, super-silent coolers, passively cooled graphics adaptor, silent power supply and case. I was really amazed when I turned my new workstation on for the first time: the CD-ROM is by far the loudest moving part, amazing! This upgrade should make video editing a lot easier in the future.

PC Zusammenbau

I picked an Intel Quadcore 2,66MHz, 12 Megs of Cache on an Asus P5Q board and an Asus 8600 GT Silent graphics adaptor plus 4 Gigs of 800MHz Ram memory. Looking forward to writing my blog postings a lot faster in the future :mrgreen:

Angry young computer

Not that young maybe… just watch out: in BBC's new comedy show The wrong door lifeless things are not that lifeless:

This is a trailer for The Wrong Door, a daring new sketch show set in a parallel universe