New hardware: Ultimate Quadcore blogging power

QuadcoreYup, I did it: just bought ridiculously expensive new hardware. 4 Gigs of fast Ram, a quadcore, 1 TB harddisk memory… I bought all the parts at noon an assembled them today, currently I'm installing the OS and everthing is working fine. Turning so many crews was actually a lot of fun, I haven't done this in a while. At first I actually wanted to by a ready-to-run system, but including personal configuration I would have had to wait a week. The craving for new hardware simply was way to strong, so I took the old-fashioned road:

Quadcore Rechner

Since my computer is on most of the time, silent hardware is very important to me, which means: silent cases for all harddisk, super-silent coolers, passively cooled graphics adaptor, silent power supply and case. I was really amazed when I turned my new workstation on for the first time: the CD-ROM is by far the loudest moving part, amazing! This upgrade should make video editing a lot easier in the future.

PC Zusammenbau

I picked an Intel Quadcore 2,66MHz, 12 Megs of Cache on an Asus P5Q board and an Asus 8600 GT Silent graphics adaptor plus 4 Gigs of 800MHz Ram memory. Looking forward to writing my blog postings a lot faster in the future :mrgreen: