Gallery: Media History at the Technical Museum of Vienna

In January I visited the exhibition Medienwelten at Technisches Museum Wien. It's a fascinating trip back to the very beginnings of information transmission – a must for anyone interested in the early beginnings of this media society:

The medien.welten exhibition presents the history of transmission media as well as storage media. On 2.500 square meters the evolution of the modern media-system becomes alive. In addition to hundreds of historical artefacts, images and texts, the exhibition features a virtual-information-room that goes beyond the scope of conventional museum exhibitions.

Last Sunday I returned to the museum, but this time I brough my camera. There's plenty to explore: from early telegraph systems which used a piano-keyboard for entering messages to a historic cinema. These pictures only highlight a bit of the exhibition – so if you ever come to Vienna, pay a visit to the exhibition yourself. Read more