SEO Kung Fu: Using CVs for linkbuilding-purposes

Backlink building with CV-sitesLet's face the facts that make feeble-minded webmasters cry: diverting online services from their intended use is a vital part of any effective link-building strategy. But while almost any self-employed SEO-consultant runs a couple of social network pages, curriculum-vitae site are usually left out. But that's a big mistake! There are, to be more specific, at least two online curriculum-vitae services where registration pays off if you're looking for a job, but for some juicy backlinks.

Of course these sites try to satisfy their targeted clientele, which means that the actual process of assembling your curriculum-vitae is really simple and fast, and both services are free. Also, this is not a fire-and-forget action: you can log in any time later to expand your curriculum-vitae by adding new paragraphs (and links). In other words: these are two juicy add-ons for your backlink-portfolio.


Domain Pagerank: 6

“Create, share and store your resume online for free” – and spread your link-love. Emurse is the first choice as every user gets to chose his own subdomain. There are no limits to your copy-writing skills. The editor uses a special kind of link syntax, which is explained in the help section. Of course there's no nofollow-attribute inserted and there is no limit to the number of links (and images) you can include. (But you might want to limit yourself, too many outgoing links will decrease the flow of the backlink juice :mrgreen:) And who says that you can only have one curriculum-vitae?


Domain Pagerank: 6

The second candidate also knows how to make a backlink-builder happy. Assembling the profile is as easy as one-two-three, the comfortable editor even lets you chose title tags for your backlinks. All you have to do is some keyword research and some writing and you're good to go. Don't forget to switch the privacy setting to “public” thought.

Doesn't pay off: ResumeSocial, Resumbucket

ResumeSocial has more categories than online CVs plus a Pagerank zero. Resumebucket gets a wee bit more G-love, but the ghost inside the machine is crippling every backlink – even the one to your own blog – with a nofollow-attribute.

Addendum: Both pages list the “latest CVs” on their homepages, but it's still a good idea to set up some backlinks pointing to the new subpages. After all, this is not a short-term measure.

If you have any interesting backlink building secrets to share, I'd be glad to hear about it. And if you're need a huge bag of nofollow-free backlinks, try Fast Blog Finder.