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The Lazy Man’s Guide to cheap Logo Design

Are you active on various social media platforms? Do you run your own blogs, manage Facebook groups and moderate boards? I bet you constantly need you logos: A stylish group avatar, an impressive header image… the web is a visual media. Even if you are a design genius, time is precious. If you're like me and lack design talent, do-it-yourself isn't an option. Professionals are expensive – who wants to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars on a temporary logo? Luckily, I found an alternative that takes care of all my logo-designing needs.


When professionals run into problems with logo design, this is what they do

If logo designs give you headache on a regular basis, you should consider registering with a marketplace. I tried many of them, but Fiverr is simply the best. There are a few rules of thumb you need to follow though:

  1. When picking a designer, start with Fiverr's recommendations. I was never disappointed by any of these professionals – the final selection merely depends on your taste, as there are various approaches to designing a logo – from typo to photo-realistic.
  2. Carefully check the seller's portfolio. Take a look a his previous work, read through the reviews of previews customers.
  3. Be as concise as possible when writing your briefing. Attach examples of logos you like. If available, always buy an addon for at least three change requests.

I rarely ever bought a logo for 5 dollars. Instead I always order the Photoshop / Illustrator files and leave a healthy tip. Nothing beats motivation for the next job!

Take your time when explaining what you expect.


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