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I love chilies. Oh, I really do in all forms: fresh habaneros, all kinds of dried hot peppers, various chili sauces and chutneys. I'm almost as crazy for chilies as I am for couverture chocolate: The higher the amount of pure cocoa power, the better. (In Europa, we have plenty words for different of chocolates btw. The basic categories – literally translated – are white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cuisine chocolate, couverture chocolate, noble bitter chocolate) Yet strangely enough though I despise all kinds chili-chocolate* with all my heart. Almost as much as revolving doors and doner kebab made from birds. I suppose that does say a lot about me.

* Wiseguys claiming that the old Azteksspiced their hot chocolate drinks are malinformed. They sipped *salty* chocolate beverages, not sweet ones.
** i.e. shishkebab produced using chicken meat instead of lamb and/or veal.
*** One exception: Leo Bassi.

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I'm passionate about digital communication. I studied science of communication in Austria. Since 2000, I'm teaching at the University of Vienna (courses in digital media theory / online publishing). In 2002, I started my consulting firm pnc| pettauer.net Consulting. In 2006, I ended my career as a journalist and switched from old media to the blogosphere.

I specialize in strategic communication consulting, supporting various clients from different industries in generating new leads and embracing the awesome potential of the internet.Clients include Red Bull, Swarovski, A1 Telekom, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and many others.

I am general secretary of the Austrian Internet Governance Council [internet.at], member of netideaboard and future2020.

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