True story

How I turned my competitor into a valuable, unsuspecting link partner [A SEO fable]

People who run an online marketing agency know a lot about SEO and monitoring. Or so one would think.

Viennese graffiti art 1

Photos: Graffiti Sprayer at Danube Channel

Even though the sprayers' union doesn't have much of a say in Vienna, there is one place rich in colors – the Danube channel.

Have a great new year!

Happy New Year!

How WikiLeads cannot get shut down [Cartoon]

Even Warren G and Nate Dogg won't be able to regulate this.

TEDx Pannonia - New Energy

TEDx Pannonia Videos: get inspired!

In September, Austria's first TEDx conference took place in Burgenland – all the talks are online now in excellent video- and audio-quality.

Best dance video ever: TURF FEINZ – RIP Rich D

Street dance crew TURF FEINZ remembers crew member Rich D who died in a car accident at this very street corner. Amazing moves with a sad background.

Dexter Season 5: Preview the trailer

Dexter continues in September – more than 1 million fans have seen the season 5 trailer in the last three days.

Comment Rating

New on datadirt: Rate reader comments

Thanks to Bob Kings Comment Ratings plugin, all datadirt readers can now like or dislike any comment: just use the new thumbs-up / thumbs-down icons – should be pretty self-explanatory.

WordPress vs. Thesis

Is it legally and/or ethically okay, to build a business based on a GPL licensed software? To those of you unfamiliar with the not-so-uncomplicated details of open and commercial licensing, this question may sound like a question you'd ask a student of media law. But theory turns into virtual reality when we take a closer […]

World Blogging Forum Vienna 2010 – the next 10 years in digital media

Join the World Blogging Forum 2010! A1 Telekom Austria and datadirt invite international top bloggers to connect with the Austrian scence and discuss the future of the internet. Tickets are free yet highly limited – so secure your spot now by telling why you want to join the event on November 13th. shuts down: No more love for Nokia

Nokia definitely has a problem, and that's why shuts down. The sad thing is: he's completely on point.

WordPress 3.0: Thelonious rocks and Kubrick retires

Today the WordPress team released the long-awaited versioni 3.0 – it comes packed with new features and a new standard theme.

datadirt Videopodcast: Eric Qualman's Socialnomics

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