Fast Blogfinder update: Version 2.6 available

easy link buildingYesterday, G-Lock Software announced the release of a new Fast Blogfinder version. The main feature is a keyword suggestion tool that makes a very useful add-on. The option is called “Provide query suggestions” and offers additional keywords combinations. This is very helpful to narrow down your searches – and as always, the upgrade is completely free for all users who bought a license for a previous version (which costs the ridiculously low sum of about 50 Euros by the way), so hurry up.

Basically, the query provider works like any other keyword research tool and helps narrowing down the niche and finding new juicy backlink spots:

When you type your keywords into the search box, Fast Blog Finder automatically suggests you keyword phrases based on your keywords. You can review a list of suggestions and select any keyword phrase from the menu. Sounds great, doesn't it? If none keyword phrase suits you, type in your own search query and click Start.

DownloadFast Blog Finder Demo-Version:
*.exe file, 125kB
OS: Windows XP, Vista

This feature comes in very handy and speeds up the process. The import/export wizard has also been improved, and the “Most Recent Post Date” row has changed to “Last updated”, which means that you can actually figure out if the author has recently fiddled with his blog, even if there is no fresh entry.

Once again, G-Lock has done an outstanding job – I've only been using FBL for a couple of months now and this is already the second major upgrade which introduces new features. I've said it before and I'm saying it again: FBL is the most efficient link-building tool currently available. Even if you only want to spend 30 minutes a week promoting your own site, you should get a license! And the fact that the user continuously finds new interesting blogs a nice side effect!

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