Viral Clip for the new HTC Magic

The second Google Android phone comes without any keyboard – after the rather disastrous hardware of the G1, HTC/Google decided to go with iPhone touchscreen hype. But unlike Apples geek gadget android can run multiple applications at once, also known as multitasking. This viral clip targeting the British market is quite funny, yet still I'm not impressed: using windows mobile on HTC hardware I've been enjoying these kinds of perks for quite some while now:

One thing is really strange though: even though everybody is preaching that listening to your customers is a vital part of social marketing efforts, HTC totally fails to offer a simple, yet crucial feature that the majority of their customers request: a standard headphone jack. The G1 successor comes with HTC proprietary USB Jack – and yes, adapters are available, but they suck because they tend to come of in your pocket – a simple standard jack is not asking too much for a device that claims to be fit for mobile entertainment, right?

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