Video-Interview: Guy Kawasaki on the state of social media

Last week, Guy Kawasaki visited Vienna to give a keynote lecture about innovation and the art of the start. I was the lucky blogger who got the chance to interview Guy – and I enjoyed the interview a lot. Guy has always been a major influence for me, his ideas have inspired me for years. We talked about his impressive biography, his Twitter strategy (Guy has more than 160k Followers) and his current project The complete interview is 33 minutes long – I split it into five topical parts for your viewing pleasure. I also edited a full version, so if you prefer to watch one clip, navigate to the end of this posting.

Part 1: Guy Kawasaki's Bio and his e-mail inbox

His succesful career at Apple where he worked as a tech evangelist made Guy Kawasaki very famous. Few know though that he started his career in the jewelry business. In the first part of the interview, Guy talks about his biography and he explains how a web celebrity like him deals with tons of e-mails every day. Hint: purge everything that's older than 3 weeks!


Part 2: Guy's Twitter strategy

On Twitter, Guy has more than 160.000 followers. In the second part of the interview he explains his micro-blogging strategy in-depth. For Guy, Twitter is one of the best marketing channels, and he is putting a lot effort into offering lots of content to create a vivid environment for his marketing messages.


Part 3: Guy Kawasaki about Facebook, Social Traffic and Online Reputation Management

Guy told me that he honestly doesn't understand Facebook – in his opinion, it's a place to “pull” people as opposed to Twitter which acts as a “Push” media. In this part we talk about the benefits of social traffic and the two-sided coin called online reputation management: Don't be afraid, use Facebook to create the image that helps your career!


Part 4: Guy Kawasaki about Alltop currently is Guy's main project: the RSS site aggregates the most popular feeds on nearly 2000 topics. The site is not meant to serve geeks, but appeals to the mainstream user – Guy explains the concept and also has got a few tricks to offer for power-users.


Part 5: Guy Kawasaki about blogging and entrepreneurship

In the last part of our talk Guy explains his thoughts about blogging and tells the true story of how he left apple and became an entrepreneur.


Full interview: Guy Kawasaki on the state of social media

This is the full cut – same content, but edited into one video. If you prefer to watch our whole talk in one video, just go with this clip:


What do you think?

Do you agree with Guy? What is your opinion about the future of Facebook and Twitter? Have you tried Alltop? I'm curious about your comments!

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  1. Thomas R. Koll
    Thomas R. Koll says:

    In Teil 2: Das US in “US-Americans” kannst weglassen. Erst recht wenn du mit einem redest
    Transl., added by datadirt: In part 2: omit the US in “US-Americans”. Especially if you talk to one.

    • ritchie
      ritchie says:

      Changed forget to omit… you’re right. I get your arguments, but if you want to specifically refer to the United States (eg the US online market), which term would you use? US citizens maybe?

  2. Susanne
    Susanne says:

    danke f?r das interview. recht interessant vor allem alltop.
    grunds?tzlich hab ich jetzt nicht wahnsinnig neues von seinem vortrag bei der wko oder im interview erfahren, aber ich finde die amerikanische herangehensweise & pr?sentationsart einfach spannend. au?erdem scheint der guy kawasaki einfach ein sehr gmiatlicher typ zu sein, das ist angenehm zu sehen. man h?rt ihm gern zu.

    Translation added by datadirt: Thanks for the interview. Quite interesting, especially alltop.
    Basically, I didn’t learn a lot of new things a his WKO keynote or via the interview, but I like the American approach and presentation style. Also, Guy Kawasaki seems to be a very friendly guy, it’s nice to see that. Like to listen to him.

  3. Michael
    Michael says:

    sehr sch?nes interview; den herrn kawasaki h?rt man gerne reden. inhaltlich ist aber, wie du eh sagst, nicht alles 1:1 auf europa anwendbar.
    auf jeden fall zum weiterempfehlen…

    Translation added by datadirt: very nice interview; like Guy Kawasaki is the kind of person you like to listen to. But like you said: not everything that works for the American market applies to Europe.

  4. Frank Huebner
    Frank Huebner says:

    Its a nice interview. It’s correct that I haven’t heard anything new, but Guy Kawasaki is a cool charismatic speaker. I like to hear speak him about his thoughts. Most can’t convert 1on1 to the european market, but the essential is the same.

  5. Georg
    Georg says:

    Hi Ritchie, Spendierst uns auch den Link zu den blockierten Twitter-Kontakten?

    Translation added by datadirt:Hi Ritchie, can you pls post the blocked-contacts list link here as well?

  6. Lothar Evers
    Lothar Evers says:

    Bin noch nicht durch. Hier auf dem Land dauert es immer etwas, bis es geladen ist. Aber:
    Guy entlarvt unsere deutschen (und auch ?sterreichischen?) Bedenkentr?ger mit ihrer Warnung vor sozialen Netzen hervorragend:
    umgekehrt wird ein Schuh draus: bringt den Kids fr?h genug bei ihr Image z.B. bei Facebook und dort wo man mit Realnamen auftaucht, zu pflegen und alles deviantere hinreichend zu anonymisieren. Kompetenz statt Warnung…


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