Being a guitar hero ain’t easy

Just take Alan – a man with big dreams trapped in the body of a born loser. I have no idea who made the song – the video is actually a viral spot for Dorritos; obviously a nacho-like bagged junk food (no pun intended) available in Great Britain, but definitely not in Austria. But be that as it may, the “music video” is quite hilarious:

And since we're already talking low vitamine high-saturated-fats food, what about this “Chipotle” stuff which is plays a really funny role in the latest Southpark episode? I was quite convinced that this was an imaginary company – imagine my amazement though when I found Is their food really that hot? (I mean I'm sure it doesn't give you blood-stains in your underwear which can only be removed by using Chipotlaway, but this episode was just hilarious.)

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