Stoni Mountains: HiKE – A Freeride Project in the Austrian Alps

I got to know Martin Stoni when I worked for Project Powderstorm, an online snowboard / skate community. When T-Mobile took over our main sponsor max.mobil, the German company cancelled all skate-sponsoring activities and decided to go sports-mainstream. The job was great though: spending nearly every winter weekend in a different ressort, we covered various snowboard events online and we always found time ride the slopes ourselves. Martin Stoni did all the videoclips back then. He stuck to his genre and got even better: these days he published his freeride magnum opus “HiKE” online – enjoy the wonderful pictures but don't blame me mor any resulting mountain craving!


The riders in the video are Mitch Toelderer, Bibi Pekarek, McFly, Flo Edenberger and Lorraine Huber. Harry Putz operated the camera, Martin directed and editted the movie.

Hint: to see the movie in maximum quality, log in to Vimeo: registered users can download the original HD quicktime file.

More about Martin Stoni's work: Whatever Films

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