World Blogging Forum Vienna 2010 – the next 10 years in digital media

On November 13th, A1 Telekom Austria and datadirt, the proud and happy author of this humble blog, invite international top bloggers and Austrian social media geeks to join the first pro-blogging conference in Vienna. The conference focuses on the future of digital media. We will discuss the impact of the internet on various aspects of our life in the next ten years: how will our jobs change? How will our personal life change? What's the next stage of social media? The official homepage will soon be online soon. The event will take place at A1 TA headquarters at Lasallestrae 9 in Vienna – we got a main hall plus various smaller conference rooms for break-out sessions, of course all equipped with stable WLAN.

Austrian bloggers and journalists are warmly welcome. There is no entrance fee; due to the capacity of the venue the spots are strictly limited though. In the next weeks, we will invite our international guests and give away all tickets via weblogs and media partners. Secure your spot now and join us: the first ten spots are available… NOW!

How to join the World Blogging Forum 2010

Blog conferences rely on active participants: there are no speakers, there's no audience: we want all guests of the WBF 2010 to join the discussion and spend a great day of international networking and learning from each other's experiences. Hard thinking requires hard relaxation – after the conference, we'll party like it's 2999. But first and foremost: help is *very highly* appreciated! So just tell us:

Why you want to join the World Blogging Forum 2010

Drop a comment – we'll give away the first spots until August 15th! The conference language is English, and just in case you won't be able to make to Vienna: we are going to record all the sessions, but what happens at the party… stays in Vienna :pimp:

What is the World Blogging Forum 2010 all about?

Bloggers use state-of-the-art technology on a daily basis – they're at the very forefront of technology. Only 10 years ago, the internet was a collection of static webpages. During the last five years, social networks have entered the mainstream media stage. How is the digital world going to change in the next 10 years? Which role will the internet play in our daily lives? How will new hardware change multimedia production? These are the kinds of questions we want to address at the WBF 2010. The bloggers we invite have become popular media experts in their countries, and I can't wait to share thoughts and ideas with this excellent crowd.

Regular readers of this blog know very well that the World Blogging Forum 2009 in Bucharest was an unforgettable highlight for all participants. I'm extremely glad that together with A1 Telekom Austria I can continue this fascinating conference format in Vienna – and of course I count on support of the Austrian blogging scene! (Yes, I did spend all day on my phone… just love being the bearer of great news.)

More details on the program and our guests follow soon. And if you'd like to join, tell me why you're as enthusiastic about the WBF 2010 as me :frog5:

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  1. Dodka
    Dodka says:

    Such great news! I was participant from georgia in 2009 and i really hope i’ll be there too. Where should i send my bio? :)

  2. Danimal
    Danimal says:

    Sounds awesome…and grats on nailing this one down. There’ve been lots of blogging forums, but something tells me Datadirt and A1 Telekom can knock this one out of the park!


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