My German blog ranks #44 in Twingly’s charts

Twingly ChartsThis week, Swedish Start-up Company Twingly launched its very own top-blog lists in twelve different languages. Their blog search is delivering really good results, so it seems that the near future might look rather bleak for Technorati – and the best part is that my main blog datenschmutz ranks #44 in the German-language list!

The overall winner of the new rating is – what a surprise – Technorati. And this is what Michael, or in this case Robin, thinks about the new charts:

Twingly, the social blog search engine that prides itself in being completely spam-free, has launched BlogRank as a way to identify the 100 most important blogs in 12 different languages based on a proprietary ranking system. It

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  1. jimmy s
    jimmy s says:

    i use the service ://URLFAN which to me is more transparent in regards to “ranking websites”. Their top 100 is pretty well respected in the web 2.0 world:

    urlfan ranks sites according to their popularity in the blogosphere and shows all their data. It’s a little more clear than both technorati and twingly when it comes to ranking websites, since thats what they focus on, and any blogger can lookup their website and see how they rank.


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