Snowy city-winter on tilt-shift fire

Vimeo really sends out a lot of e-mails, but once you start reading the daily recommendations, you just can't stop – there's always at least one clip which really captures my imagination. Like this music video: Erik West set the visual scene for Codebreaker feat. Kathy diamonds track “Fire” (Jimmy Edgar Remix), and he did a fantastic job: it's all plain footage and post production:

At first I thought that some special tilt-shift lenses were involved, but no:

None of the snow in this piece is simulated. I went out and show on the snowiest days of winter. The last scenes in the video were shot during a blizzard.

All post(processing). All shot in continuous mode holding down the button. Altered and cropped in Motion, Processed in Photoshop and finished in Color.

The track is came out this year on Disco Demolition and is available via all major digital distributors – check out Codebreaker on MySpace.

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