How to impress a French girl

I'm not a big fan of Google in general: there services are not that great, but there's no alternative. But it regularly frightens me how this machine works. Today, European director Steve Rogers told an Austrian newspaper: “When a company gets bigger, it is seen as intransparent. But we try to be as transparent as possible.” Right after that Mr. Rogers showed what he really means when he answered the next two questions about Google's situation in China: “I'm not allowed to comment on this.” (Kleine Zeitung, February 9th 2010, page 29). Temper, temper!

But still, the Superbowl spot is indeed brilliant:


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  1. Jaslene2010
    Jaslene2010 says:

    Impress a French girl you need to realise if you haven’t already that women are very different to us. You need to understand at least a little of what makes them tick. They are not impressed by fast driving or big cars. They are not impressed by any kind of macho man antics leading to aggressive behaviour. Women like fluffy and nice, something we don’t really understand.


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