Will the iPad blend?

Blendtec's blenders cost a little fortune, but we're more than willing to spend an extra marketing dollar for all the great “Will it blend?” series videos those folks keep delivering. They blended hockey pucks, a laser pointers, Money clips – and above all plenty of Apple products. Following in the footsteps of the iPhone (both 1st edition and 3G) and the iPod, this time the newest geek-gadget aka the iPad undergoes the crush-test. Of course it won't withstand:


We've seen a lot of serious blending, even parts of a Ford Fiesta got pulverized. So what's left out there in the world of purposeful destruction? (No, it's not meaningless, as it obviously increases their sales.) There's one show left I'd love to see: can one Blendtec device blend another Blendtec tender? I won't order two of them just to find out though. Maybe you could, I'm really curious!

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