Photos: Graffiti Sprayer at Danube Channel

The Danube Channel is a short, man-made sidearm of the river Danube which runs directly through the center of the city. About 10 years ago, spraying basically was an illegal activity anywhere in the city, but then some smart folks decided to officially turn the walls alongside the channel into the city-sprayers' official canvas. On a warm, sunny Sunday plenty of painting action takes place – I shot the following three pics using my EOS D and a lensbaby muse. (Click to enlarge.)

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Geeky Folks: Barcamp Vienna Gallery

Last weekend's unconference at Microsoft in Vienna was the biggest Austrian Barcamp so far – the social media scene is growing, interest in social media platforms, new technologies and the paradigm shift in marketing has increased immensely over the last couple of months. This is not a big surprise: more and more people understand that the web 2.0 is not about a new generation of buzzwords that pollute the same old powerpoint presentations, but about a fundamental paradigm shift in the way companies communicate with their customers:

[nggallery id=15]
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Pictures: Las Vegas Overview

Yesterday I arrived at Vegas for Microsoft's Mix conference. And thanks to my lucky charm I got a room with a view at Mandalay Bay Hotel – from my window in the 33rd floor I overlook the complete strip, the famous Las Vegas Boulevard sporting all the grand casinos:

Las Vegas Boulevard

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Gallery: Media History at the Technical Museum of Vienna

In January I visited the exhibition Medienwelten at Technisches Museum Wien. It's a fascinating trip back to the very beginnings of information transmission – a must for anyone interested in the early beginnings of this media society:

The medien.welten exhibition presents the history of transmission media as well as storage media. On 2.500 square meters the evolution of the modern media-system becomes alive. In addition to hundreds of historical artefacts, images and texts, the exhibition features a virtual-information-room that goes beyond the scope of conventional museum exhibitions.

Last Sunday I returned to the museum, but this time I brough my camera. There's plenty to explore: from early telegraph systems which used a piano-keyboard for entering messages to a historic cinema. These pictures only highlight a bit of the exhibition – so if you ever come to Vienna, pay a visit to the exhibition yourself. Read more

The common house cat

… is rarely seen in nature these day; I was lucky enough to shoot one in Eastern Tyrol:

house cat

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Videocamp Vienna 2010 Pictures

Thanks and shout-outs to all sponsors, visitors, talkers and hosts at Videocamp Vienna 2010! Organizing the event together with Austrian television station ATV and Datenwerk was a great experience – and we're all very satisfied with the premiere of Austria's first online video barcamp. Knowledge was transferred, experiences were shared, a lot of visitors had to update their “met in real life” Twitter list – just the way we like it. I'm already looking forward to Videocamp Vienna 2010!

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Photo-Gallery: World Blogging Forum 2009

Wow – I can't believe the WBF2009 is already over. Time just passed so quickly – I'll have more on day 2 of the conference tomorrow, but for now there's just five words: Thank you for the invitation! The meeting was an incredible experience, Mihaela and her team did an unbelievable job: I've never been to a web conference that well-organized aka perfect – and I'd love to come to Bucharest again for the WBF2010!

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Andalusian Images part 3

Thanks a lot for the encouraging feedback on my first two series of HDR-pics! (part 1 | part 2)! I know that HDR processing has been a little “overstretched” recently. But even though high dynamic resolution images often look “hyper-realistic”, I must say that these photos match the Andalusian colors as seen by the naked eye much more than a normal picture. Like Vilm Flusser used to say, photography does *not* picture reality, but rather constructs technical images. And here goes the third part my series – I took all the pictures in Gibraltar. From gibbons to Africa – enjoy! Please note: all images are available in large size – just click on a pic to load the 1280-pixel version.


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HDR pics from Andalusia, part 2

I've just uploaded the second set of Andalusian HDRs which I took during my holiday in October (which was over far too soon btw). The first series of photos is available hier. I used my Canon EOS 40D with a 28-135 lense (the new Sigma 10-20 3,5 was added to my equipment later when we drove to Gibralatar :mrgreen:) and Photomatix to process the HDRs. This series contains a couple of beach-shots from Costa de la Luz (near Cohnil) as well as a some view of Vejer de la Frontera, a small village on top of hill. If you visit Vejer, don't miss restaurant Trafalgar – especiall their Ceviche (tuna-carpaccia marinated in lime juice) is just awesome.

Vejer de la Frontera

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HDR-photos: Andalusian colors

I just returned from Andalusia yesterday – the climatic shock was quite heavy: from the sunny skies of wonderful Spain straight to clouded, rainy Vienna. So I chose visual escapism and edited the first series of my HDR-pics from Andalusia. During the last 11 days Linzerschnitte and me travelled through the province of Andalusia, from famous Sherry-distilleries in Jerez via the beautiful white Cadiz to British Gibraltar. Plus we stayed in Sevilla for a couple of days, tasting Tapas and envying the Spanish folks for their siesta. I'll post a couple of travellingtips and more photos later – here's the first series, comments highly appreciated (as always :mrgreen:)


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My 5.000th twitter follower: Archie!

The Easter bunny had a great present in store for me this year: a couple of days ago, I was about 100 followers short of 5k. So I announced that my 5.000th follower would receive a free review of a site of his choice – but instead of a text review I am going to show you some pictures, and I'm honored to announce that the said person is not a human being, but a famous internet dog. Welcome Archie! And Archie does not run a blog himself, but he stars in a large number of great pictures, so I decided to post a selection of my favorite Archie photos. All shots have been taken by Phreak 2.0, the other end of Archie's leash.